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Allergies close to home, or in the home!

My son is going on a week long trip with his school - in preparation I had a meeting with the teachers who will be accompanying the kids to ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding his allergies. His life threatening allergies. I guess I have forgotten what it's like to live without food allergies in my life, reading every label, asking a million questions at restaurants, carrying food with me everywhere we go.

My son's allergies, both anaphylactic, are to fresh water fish and all dairy.

Allergic, not intolerant.


So, I wrote an email to all involved for the trip and listed all the ways you can have dairy in your food - whey, casein, butter, cream, yogurt, milk chocolate. I know I sounded like a neurotic over protective control freak, but in our 15 year journey with these allergies, I have become aware of the fact that lots of us don't really know whats in our food and what we are eating.

Don't even get me started about ANCHOVIES in Worcestershire sauce and milk products in many processed meats! Whats up with that?

Allergy kid Joel