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Climbing the walls during COVID!

I decided to make MonkeyBread, an old, resurrected recipe. Perfect for those moments when I think I actually might start climbing the walls. This pandemic, albeit, our best one ever, lol, has started to take its' toll on my sanity. (What there was, to begin with). I have been in my house, my backyard, and walking through my neighbourhood for the last 4 months. I have been working here, playing here, cooking here, eating here, and trying to sleep here - which seems to be the biggest challenge these days. I'm not complaining - I have it great, (especially compared to many other people, hit way harder than me and truly suffering) I am just pining for a few people and a few activities that I really miss. The silver lining of all of this is that I have had some BIG EPIPHANIES about my life, my loves and myself.

And so, here's the Monketbread recipe, so you can climb some walls too!

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