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The Uncensored About Us

So maybe you read the About Us page on our website. Everything in there is true, 100% accurate, but the real ABOUT US - I mean about Steph and I goes far back, like WAY further back than the beginnings of Mi&Stu.

It all began on a lovely summer day, think I already had at least one kid. I was out walking with my true love, Sam, my beautiful golden retriever. She was all happy and goofy as a golden will be, until she found her spot, and got into her crouch, to do some real business. Just then, the front door of the house of the lawn we were on, opened, and this young woman (not as young as I thought, as it turns out) walked out onto her balcony.

What to do, what to do?

Do you yank the poor thing by the collar off the lawn? I don't. I looked up, somewhat apologetically and said, "Hey, sorry about that". To which I got the response that started a true friendship. "No problem, I'll go get mine", and out came Chivas, Steph's golden retriever.

And that was it. We instantly meshed and bonded. Our dog's bonded, our kids bonded, it was true synergy. We remained neighbours for the next 8 years until I moved my family to a new home, followed by Steph moving hers a couple of years later.  All the while, we were and remain very close friends, in spite of the fact that we work literally side by side everyday and deal with all kinds of challenges and stresses. The most important part "About US" is to say that I am very VERY lucky to have a business partner and more importantly a friend like Steph.

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