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Kaiser Buns - Vegan

The perfect bun for any sandwich or burger. 

pk of 6: $7.50

Flax bread - Vegan

Light and airy.

Great for sandwiches, or toasted on it's own.

1 loaf: $7.25

Dinner rolls

A great addition to any meal, warmed or at room temperature. 

12 rolls: $7.00

Multigrain bread - Vegan

A lovely mix of textures - crunchy seeds in a soft delicious bread.

1 loaf: $7.50

Pizza Crust - Vegan

Ready to dress and bake. Delicious flavour and texture. 

Not available at this time

Buckwheat bread

A dark and hardy bread with a hint of sweetness. The perfect accompaniment to soup and salad.

1 loaf: $7.50